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Ed Partyka - Sunday Night Orchestra Feat. Efrat Al

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Kat Nr.: MR 874-428
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Thoughts about the music from Ed Partyka:

Stolen Blues is just that - It’s a minor blues and I stole it from someone. The story is longer (and much more interesting) than the piece itself. It’s just a nice way to say „Hello“ and let a few of the guys’ blow.

Overcast was “given” to me by two wonderful musicians. The opening four notes are from a composition called „Frames“ by pianist Oliver Kent that I couldn’t get out of my head. Efrat gave the lyrics to me last year as a birthday present and it grew from there, picking up quite a bit of Gil Evans along the way.

Opium For The Masses was originally commissioned for chamber ensemble by Nürnberg´s Ensemble Kontraste and is in a new style I call “Fake Classical”. This piece came about while I was playing around with minor 9th intervals and different instrumental colours. I suppose my 7 years as a member of the Vienna Art Orchestra influenced the tango; it just seemed like the least likely thing that I could do at that point in time, so I did it.

My friend Verena Sternbach gave Time to me and we used to perform this piece in the vocal/tuba duo we had in Vienna (don’t laugh). I wanted to feature the bass clarinets and low brass and before I knew it, the rhythm section had a coffee break and we had an „a-Capella/country/chorale/slow waltz“.

Homecoming was originally a piece from my good friend Oliver Leicht. He sent me a lead sheet a couple of years ago and asked me to arrange the piece for his band. After I changed so much that the only thing that remained from his original composition were a couple of chords and an F# in measure 47, he said I could keep the damned thing for myself.

Silent Weeping is a composition from an Australian composer named Mia Brine who I met on my last trip to the fabulous city of Perth. I brought a lead sheet back for Efrat and we both agreed that the haunting lyrics and melody were very special. I started playing around with keys and modes and it ended up quite a different place than Mia intended - My sincerest apologies to the very talented Ms. Brine.

Get Happy is a tune I’ve been singing with my detect for the last couple of years, and in minor the lyrics about the judgement day take on a slightly sinister meaning. I left the singing duties to Efrat but I couldn’t resist adding some preaching at the beginning, musical sacrilege in the middle and a bit of weirdness at the end.

Ed Partyka – conductor, arranger
Efrat Alony – vocals (tracks 2, 4, 6,7)
Marko Lackner – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
Florian Trübsbach – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Hubert Winter – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Lutz Häfner – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Norbert Emminger – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Tobias Weidinger – lead trumpet & flügelhorn
Sebastian Strempel – trumpet & flügelhorn
Martin Auer – trumpet & flügelhorn
Stephan Zimmermann – trumpet & flügelhorn
Matthieu Michel – flügelhorn
Jeffrey McGuire – french horn
Stefan Schaller – french horn
Klaus Heidenreich – lead trombone
Gerhard Gschößl – trombone
Johannes Herrlich – trombone
Eberhard Buziat – bass trombone & tuba
Hendrik Soll – piano & prepared piano
Markus Schieferdecker – bass
Mario Gonzi – drums
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