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Alexander Schimmeroth Trio „The Drill“

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Imagine a creative person, let’s say a pianist and composer, sets out to realise his musical vision and to put it down on paper, while just below his house, a giant drill with enervating persistance digs a new underground railway tunnel... That's what happened in Cologne. And yet what would have caused most people to lose any artistic abilities, if not driven them to madness, actually inspired Alexander Schimmeroth to a whole album. He then named his debut album with the Alexander Schimmeroth trio "The Drill", and exalts this menacing piece of construction equipment with "The Drill Trilogy", the first three pieces on this production. Yet whoever thinks that this inspiration is reflected in the young composer's characteristic musical style will be bitterly disappointed. No on the edge "industrial" fusion-jazz comes out at the listener - "The Drill Trilogy" is a suite of 3 compositions; composed in parts, the dynamics increase in the improvised middle section through to the final theme - sparkling, light and virtuosic! That the first movement of this trilogy has the fundamental structure of modified blues is perhaps the only slightly melancholy concession to the missing stillness during the development process ...
Alexander Schimmeroth should certainly be used to very different soundscapes while at work – he received his Master of Arts in Jazz Performance after a scholarship at City College New York, where he lived for three years. After his return, he re-immersed himself in the vibrant Cologne jazz scene. With Jonas Burgwinkel on drums and Volker Heinze on double bass, he has two award-winning, top class musicians in his trio.
The only standard on the CD is "Autumn in New York“, one of the most beautiful jazz ballads by Vernon Duke. This interpretation by Alexander Schimmeroth rings through with the quiet longing for the silence of an autumnal stroll through Central Park...
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