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Alexandrina Simeon – Roots & Influence

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"She has grown up with music" – this couldn´t be truer in the case of Alexandrina Simeon! Both parents orchestral musicians, an opera singer for a grandmother and Alexandrina in the middle of it all. She began playing the violin as a 5-year-old and would also listen to her grandmother´s opera rehearsals, then sing the arias herself in front of a mirror. There couldn´t be a better preparation for the stage!
Now the Bulgarian singer, who is completely at home in jazz and other genres, is making her own way in the music world. With her first solo project "Roots & Influence", she has picked out melodies from her homeland and combined them with influences from around the world. People and cultures that have marked and characterised her music in recent years, blend together in the singer´s lyrics and compositions. Bulgarian rhythms and melodies meet jazz harmonies; Latin American spirit meets soulful vocal passages and African rhythms enrich and inspire. The central theme, however, is and remains the love of jazz.
The Alexandrina Simeon quintet leads you into a wonderland full of incredible musical intensity!
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